Green Bisque

serves 4

Juice Press in NYC has a green soup similar to this that is so filling, nourishing and delicious. Whenever I’m in the city on a cold day I pick up a cup of that soup and am immediately warmed up by it.


This green bisque is packed with green vegetables and is given great body and texture with the addition of waxy potatoes and fluffy quinoa. I blend the base of the soup up so that it is nice and creamy, but if you’d prefer a soup that is more brothy and textured, skip that step and add the quinoa right in. Don’t skip out on the miso paste and the tamari – they add so much depth of flavor!


1 cup white quinoa, rinsed and cooked per package instructions

¼ cup olive oil

1 medium yellow onion, chopped

4 large cloves garlic, chopped

3 large zucchini, chopped

1 head broccoli, chopped

4 medium sized waxy potatoes, chopped

32 ounces vegetable stock

1 can reduced fat coconut milk

6 ounces spinach (about 4 cups packed leaves)

½ cup basil leaves

Juice of 1 lemon

3 tablespoons tamari

1 tablespoon red miso paste


Heat olive oil in a large stock pot over medium heat.


Sauté the onions and garlic for 4-5 minutes, or until the onions are translucent. Add the zucchini, broccoli, potatoes, vegetable stock and coconut milk. Bring to a simmer, cover, and cook for 20-25 minutes, until the vegetables are cooked through and the potatoes are falling apart.


Turn the heat off and add the spinach, basil, lemon juice and tamari. Stir until the spinach and basil are wilted.


Blend the soup with an immersion blender or in a blender* in batches until completely smooth.


Return the soup to the pot and stir in the cooked quinoa.


In a separate bowl, stir the miso paste together with several tablespoons of warm water to create a loose paste. Stir this into the soup.


Enjoy this soup with a drizzle of olive oil and several cracks of pepper.


*If blending the soup in a blender, make sure that there is a vent for the hot air to escape from.